Changes into 2020

Culligan Technology LLC

To better assist our clients and also streamline the services to the MSP ITIL model, we have changed our MSP packages to reflect this better. We have four new packages.

Reactive Package:

This package focuses on allowing our RMM technology to install on your Windows & Mac systems, which will complete asset monitoring and tracking, which will enable us to inform customers when there is a problem. Comming at no cost to the customer, and when a problem appears allows them to decide what steps they wish to take to fix the problem.

A La Carte Package:

This package is a step up from the Reactive Package, which allows customers to pick specific modules of our MSP offerings to include in the primary offerings of the Reactive Package. Including options like anti-malware endpoint security, patching, Document, and data backup, which can help to save your home or business in the case of ransomware or system crash preserving your precious memories or business records.

Proactive Package:

The Proactive Package is the first step into managing a home or business device, which can include servers, workstations, or network devices. Thus allowing you to focus on your life or business as everyday IT matters are handled for you.

Managed Package

Moving past, our Proactive Package is our Managed Package, which encompasses everything the previous package offered and adds more value. The most significant benefit in this package is that all onsite or remote service is free for the covered devices. Meaning your server has issues and requires an onsite visit; the cost is 0 for the client, whereas, with our proactive package, the price could be an additional $400 for the troubleshooting and application of the solution.



New features now included in your Culligan Technology Enterprise Anti-Malware solutions.

New Features:

Network Attack Defense

A brand-new powerful technology focused on detecting network attack techniques designed to gain access to specific endpoints, such as brute-force attacks, network exploits, password stealers.

Remote Troubleshooting

Culligan Technology LLC is now able to troubleshoot any issues related to your endpoint security through Bitdefender's new remote troubleshooting ability. This allows us to collect your basic and advanced logs remotely and better help to make your servers and workstations more secure.


Two-factor Authentication (2FA)

With this update, two-factor authentication is enabled by default when clients wish to have access to their security solution in GravityZone.

Advanced Anti-Exploit

Three new detection techniques are available: VBScript Generic, Shellcode EAF (Export Address Filtering), and Emerging Exploits. These detections will be present from now on in the Security Audit and Blocked Applications reports. Plus, User Activity now includes logs related to Advanced Anti-Exploit.

Patch Management

Added the option to limit reboot postpones at maximum 48 hours from new patches installation. When the set amount of time expires, endpoints will automatically reboot. Endpoint users will receive a notification regarding this action.


The Endpoint Modules Status report now includes information on Sandbox Analyzer and HyperDetect.


Syncro (CTL RMM)

  • Integration with Splashtop Remote Access
  • New MAC OS Installer
  • Native Services and Processes Monitoring
  • Major Updates to Disk Monitoring
  • More Detailed Resource Alert Information
  • New Asset Audit Report

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