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Back in 2016 when Culligan Technology LLC (CTL) first started out we knew there was a desire for affordable solutions to managed services for those in Northeast Kansas and surrounding areas. CTL has worked to bring our customers A+ service, experience, and dependability that has made us into the company we are today. As we look to serve and better protect our client's workstations and servers we have changed many of our services with security in mind.

Anti-Malware Changes

One of our largest changes is moving from Emsisoft Enterprise Security to BitDefender (BD) GravityZone Enterprise Security. There is no cost increase for this change to the current clients of our managed services, but also the increased security clients will have is immeasurable.

Some of these changes are Advanced Threat Control, Ransomware Vaccine, Hyper Detect, Advanced Anti-Exploit, Sandbox Analyzer, Advanced Firewall Protection, Content Control (traffic, web, data protection, application), patch management, device control, Exchange protection, encryption, EDR sensors, Storage Protection, and Risk Management assessment.

Managed Workstations & Server Changes

It is important as an MSP and with all the events in Texas regarding ransomware and vulnerabilities that we address the security concerns of clients. Our employees not only utilize complex passwords but also are required to use Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) security with all our software provided and installed on our client's workstations or servers.

In this regard to ransomware, we have now offered to either managed workstation/server clients unlimited data backup to the cloud. This alone gives clients already an additional level of security over their files that they wouldn't have had otherwise. For our managed server clients we are now working with a premium imaged based backup software provider so that clients can have solid onsite bare-metal backups. These bare-metal backups can also be uploaded to the cloud encrypted backup storage at additional cost, please contact our sales department with questions.

Disaster Recovery is an important thing for any client to understand and be prepared for. In this regard, we have included our managed clients into our Disaster Recovery Assistance, this means we help clients establish or update their Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) for their managed services.

While most of these updated or newer services will be provided at no cost to current managed clients there are some services that will either require an upgrade cost or wait until the end of current contracts.  This mostly focuses on our onsite image-based backup for servers, however, workstations onsite based image backups for current and new contracts is an addon with a cost of $100 per year/device with no monthly option.

Pricing and Renewals

Website pricing has been updated and we encourage clients to reach out with any questions or concerns on these changes. We thank our current and future clients for their patronage and look forward to serving them all in the future.


Thank you,

Christopher Culligan

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